Combat Axe for a deployment

Where do you stand with the Axe!  Well, I took one on deployment and if you want to hear how it went, Read below!

I was about 1 more mike away from where I was to position myself before the raid.  I knew this was going to be tough terrain to get to, but didn’t think it was that thick of terrain.  As I was looking in front of me, I could see thick brush I need to get through.  There was no time to go around.  I reached down and reached for my Winkler combat Axe that was connected to my belt.  As I swung it around, I started swinging this lightweight axe at the brush with ease.   After what seemed to be a lifetime cutting through this stuff, I finally reached the end of it and put away the axe.  Man, this kydex carrying case was easy to put this axe away.  I hate most holsters where you have to lift your vest or move it out of the way to drop the axe through the loop strap.

I walked for a few more minutes and I arrived in the area where I needed to set up my sniper hide.  I knelt down and then reached around my left side and lifted up on the kydex holster the axe was in.  I knew it was there because the kydex holster was hanging from my belt, touching the back of my thigh when I was walking.  After grabbing the axe, I moved into the prone position and started chopping away branches.  I needed to move branches out of the way just enough to get a clear view of the area I needed to protect.

Now, I did not just take the branches and threw them aside.  I used them to build a better concealment hide around me.  Man, Winkler knows how to build a not only knives, but axes too!  I am cutting through these branches like I was cutting through paper.  By this time I had moved from the prone position, back to my knees.  As I was moving around some of the branches, I heard a noise from behind me.    I slowly turned my head to my left and looked over my shoulder.  I could see a man with a weapon standing about 5 feet behind me.  I then rolled to my left side and dropped down onto the ground and with my left hand and I threw the axe at him.  Sticking him in the chest, I got up off the ground and tackled the guy to the ground and…………..

Sorry the rest is classified 🙂   One of the fun things I like to do is to, “modify” my weapons when I get them.  To me, it makes me fill like they are mine and it gives character to them.

Okay, so I know we talk a lot about Winkler knives.  But did you know they build an axe as well?  Yes we know he did some for the movies, SEAL Team 6 (DEVGRU) and lately, “The Terminal List.”  But have you thought about one for yourself?

A combination tool developed for Military and Law Enforcement use, the WK Combat Axe is made for breaching and combat applications. The user has easy access with a fast draw carrier. An integral glass breaker extends beyond the end of the handle.

The WK Hammer Combat Axe is basically the same axe as the WK Combat Axe, but with a hammer pole rather than a spike. It is a great woodcraft or field axe or performs well as a breaching axe when hammering is part of the operation.

A partial cord wrapped upper handle option is available. If the handle is damaged under the head, a new cord can readily be installed. The cord is also an excellent emergency resource.

Axe Specifications

  • Axe steel: 80CrV2
  • Black oxide no-glare finish
  • Head length: 5 7/8″
  • Overall length: 13 3/4″
  • Blade thickness: 3/8″
  • Skeletonized full tapered tang
  • Integral Glass Breaker
  • Partial cord wrap optional


  • Fast draw carrier
  • Lined Boltaron®
  • HD shockcord quick-release retention system
  • Nylon belt straps with Mil-Spec Pull-The-Dot™ snaps
  • Designed for multiple carry options
    (See our Info page for carry options)

Tribal option is not available on synthetic handle materials.

Delivery is currently 16 to 20 weeks. To place an order please email us at or call 828.262.3691. No payment is required until your order is ready to ship. When your order is complete we will contact you for payment prior to shipping. At that time you can pay by Credit card, PayPal, check or money order.

For currently available products please check our Dealer Contact section and/or our Special Edition section.

Until next time!

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